Study Tools

NEW! Covenant Diagram w/ References – Based on our study of the Biblical Covenants, this diagram shows the key elements of the covenants as they were progressively revealed from Noah through Christ.  The accompanying chart shows the scriptural references upon which the diagram is based.

e-Sword – a FREE downloadable software program for Windows that helps you study the bible.  A CD with all the free resources is also available for a $25 donation (well worth it!).

OICA Study Guide – a reference that briefly describes each of the four steps in the OICA Study Method: Observe, Interpret, Correlate and Apply the meaning of the passage.

OICA Study Resources – a cross-reference that lists both electronic and paper-based resources and for which steps they are most helpful in your study.

Answers in Genesis – a great ministry offering resources that help you defend the biblical account of creation and more! Videos, books and other materials are available for all ages.

Bible Gateway – a great web site to search bible translations by keywords for your topic of interest. Includes footnotes, cross-references and even commentaries.