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Computer Software for Bible Study

e-Sword-2If you are comfortable with computers, there is a great tool available to help you study the scriptures. It’s called “e-Sword”. e-Sword is a software program (available for Windows computers only) that combines bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, maps and diagrams, and much more! And here’s more good news… it’s FREE!

e-Sword is downloadable from the internet at this web link. The resources are also downloadable, and most of them are also free. Some bible translations (NIV, NASB) and commentaries (Wiersbe) are also available to be purchased via downloads. And once the program and resources are downloaded to your computer, they will function EVEN WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION! So after the installation you can take your laptop anywhere and have all of your electronic resources available for study. Check out the web link for more information, or contact Pastor Rick to see a live demonstration.