circuitrider[1]Early in church history, Circuit Riders provided the people in the area with pastoral services and Biblical teachings. These individuals were devoted to their calling and endured many hardships in order to serve the people in this remote area.

One such individual, believed to have had the last name Browning, served the Cedar Run area that included a portion of mountain land situated about seven miles above the village.  This area, known as the Barrens was home to a large lumbering operation. On one bitter cold day, Parson Browning made a visit to the Barrens in order to conduct services. The following morning he left in a snowstorm, attempting to travel down the mountain to the village of Blackwell.  Mr. Browning never arrived at his destination.  He was found unconscious at the bottom of a steep ravine along Jacob’s Run.  He died of injuries from the fall and exposure to freezing temperatures.

The inhabitants of the Barrens knew that his favorite hymn was “Beulah Land”.  In his honor they renamed their village.  Though no visible signs of that settlement remain, this beautiful area still bears the name “Beulah Land”.  The Circuit Rider dedicated his life to spreading the gospel message, and others since have continued the Lord’s work.

The Cedar Run Baptist Church, which is home to the First Baptist Congregation and Society of Brown Township, exists today because of the dedication of many individuals.  Having for years suspended their worship services during the winter months, the congregation expanded to year-round worship services in 2003.  The congregation grew, resulting in worship center expansion in 2008 and the addition of a parsonage in 2014.